What should you know about Game Used Equipment

We have collected sports memorabilia of all types for over 35 years.  Our overwhelming interest has been in the professional sports teams of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. as well as the University of Maryland.  Our collection has game used items and various memorabilia from the 1860's Baltimore Pastimes, Maryland and Enterprise Base Ball Clubs to the current Washington Capitals, Nationals, Redskins and Wizards.  Add to that items from the Baltimore Bullets, Colts, Ravens and Clippers, the Washington Bullets, Diplomats, Senators and D.C. United, plus University of Maryland Basketball and Football items, and we think we have just about covered all of the teams between Baltimore and Washington. 

In case you are interested, the name of the website, "Parkway Pastimes" came from our desire to create a name that would capture the essence of what we collect, what we are interested in, and would also be original.  The "Parkway" comes from the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, which was opened in 1954 and is a 29-mile scenic highway in Maryland that runs southwest and connects Baltimore, Maryland with Washington, D.C.  The "Pastimes" was used to combine the ideas of collecting, baseball, and our oldest piece of sports memorabilia, a photo of the Baltimore Pastimes Base Ball Club, the oldest known photo of a Baltimore Base Ball team.

This website was designed to accomplish several objectives: 1) Display game used equipment and memorabilia related to various Baltimore and Washington professional sports teams as well as the University of Maryland; 2) Provide a forum for people to view, discuss, trade, buy and sell game used equipment and memorabilia related to these teams; 3) Provide an educational/practical resource for people interested in the history and/or the collecting of Baltimore, Washington and University of Maryland sports artifacts and memorabilia.

Hopefully this website will continually evolve so as to provide additional information and photos as often as possible.  At its debut, all of the items pictured and/or described come from one collection.  Hopefully, items from different sources as well as different collections will be added soon, with or without attribution, as desired.  If you have any items/pictures that would add to what is already on this site, or that you would like to trade, buy or sell, please contact us.  Likewise, if you are interested in submitting information/articles relevant to this site(e.g. specific information related to game used item(s), the history or provenance of different memorabilia items, the background or history of a particular team or sport).

While this website has not been initially designed to be an "interactive" site, our hope is that it will foster interaction between collectors and sports fans.  An "interactive" component may be added if there is sufficient interest.

We hope you enjoy the website and encourage your participation, comments and constructive criticism. 


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